1. Develop a European model for the inclusion in sport of people with disabilities based on a survey of existing best national practices and the greatest barriers to inclusion in European Union (EU) member states;
  2. Create a web – based platform publicly accessible and widely applicable to act as a knowledge and resource centre for all EU member states;
  3. To enable monitoring of the rate of inclusion in sport of people with disabilities across the EU.


The partners of this project were selected for their expertise and activities in the areas of “Sport for All” and working with people with disabilities , with the intention of creating a multidisciplinary team.

  • EPC (European ParalympicCommittee)
  • KCSportNL
  • IDPJ (Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth)
  • UNESCO Chair, Institute of Technology Tralee

Expected Impact

The creation of a European platform based on four pillars

  1. Knowledge;
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Resources
  4. Action

with sensitization and dissemination in schools / universities / clubs / local authorities) – will facilitate an exchange of knowledge and social practices, which will open the doors to more inclusive European social policies and strategies.