Education through Sport

The project Education through Sport (hereinafter: ETS) for Democracy and Social Change is led by the organization Hope for Children Hungary in partnership with different organizations from 9 other EU member states already involved in grassroots sports and non-formal education.

The approach is based on the EU White Paper on Sport as it condemns the societal role of sport: besides the benefits of physical activity on health, it enhances the role of sport in education and training by the use of innovative methods. One of the main goals is to build synergies and sustainable cooperation among stakeholders from different fields such as sport, education, health and social inclusion through the identification and sharing of good practices in the field of education through sport that can be spread in all member states of the European Union and beyond.

The core of the project is the development of a training module (a Manual) for PE teachers, sport coaches and youth/social workers and trainers with education through sport methodology, which will be published and translated into several languages. Further a set of relevant policy recommendations for European and national level that can ensure the necessary conditions for a wider application of education through sport in Europe will be prepared.


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