UNESCO Chair Volunteers

As a UNESCO Chair Volunteer, you are a vital part of the structure of the UNESCO Chair in Inclusive PE, Sport, Recreation and Fitness. We value your time, skills, and commitment.

We, in turn, are committed to supporting you in your service of promoting a better access to health for all people, including those with disabilities.


Volunteering gave me a feeling of satisfaction and sense of purpose

I am extremely driven when working on things that help me to grow as a person.

Volunteering to work on this particular project was rewarding in that it increased my awareness and understanding of the challenges

faced by people with disabilities. Contributing towards possibly improving their lives gave me a great feeling of satisfaction and sense of purpose.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of assisting UNESCO and UFIT in their work

Katherine Roy

‘Volunteer’ is just one word for dedication, devotion, inspiration, humanity, humbleness, respect and self-respect

Volunteering for UFIT has enriched me in many a ways. I feel more connected to the society; a better person in myself;

responsive to the social needs; and also, this volunteering opportunity has polished my skills as a student of Design.

In my opinion, ‘Volunteer’ is just one word for  dedication, devotion, inspiration, humanity, humbleness, respect and self-respect.

Vedaant Raj Bangotra
Student of Design at IIT Bombay, India

The importance of embracing diversity

I wanted to collaborate with UNESCO Chair as I think it is a great initiative to promote sport and healthy lifestyle among people with disabilities.

Everybody should take part of activities that can help involving others in our communities so we can reach better social balance.

Working as a volunteer for UNESCO Chair made me more aware of how important is to embrace diversity

and how much we can change our lives if we row in the same direction”. 

A woman in blue and white stripes shirt smiles posing to the photo in front of an empty desk
Nuria Vega Garcia
Interpreter & Translator English - Spanish

Una experiencia muy significante tanto a nivel profesional como personal

El voluntariado de la Cátedra UNESCO en el cual participé traduciendo documentación del Inglés al Español fue una experiencia muy gratificante, tanto a nivel profesional como personal. Tuve la oportunidad de conocer mejor el programa UFIT y el trabajo que realizan para hacer del Fitness una actividad inclusiva de la cual puedan disfrutar las personas con discapacidades y así poder llevar a cabo una vida más saludable y plena.”

Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad de realizar este voluntariado. El trabajo de la Cátedra UNESCO es admirable, sobre todo en su esfuerzo por informar y educar al público en un tema que afecta a tantas personas.

Mariana Tarzia
Interpreter & Translator English - Spanish

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