assist-Mi® is a revolutionary disability access app

  assist-Mi® is a revolutionary app that   offers comprehensive assistance to people with disabilities when on the go, empowering them to greater independence when accessing everyday goods and services.

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Using a unique combination of location based technologies and two-way messaging, assist-Mi removes traditional barriers by connecting the user directly with service providers to request real-time assistance at the touch of a button.

On explaining why assist-Mi came to Kickstarter Co-Founder Neil Herron said

There has been a great deal of interest from public authorities, charities and the business community, but it requires a big push from the disabled and non-disabled community to say to them that this is the world that we all want, a fully accessible, inclusive world without barriers and technology can now enable this……We want to solve everyday problems and give greater freedom to all that use assist-Mi, leaving more time for living.

Polar Award Winning deaf percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie said

Inclusiveness has been the spine of my journey and it’s fantastic to see this amazing app assist-Mi giving people with all sorts of challenges the same opportunities to enrich their lives. Things we take for granted like filling the car up, it’s extraordinary that they can now do that with great ease and dignity.

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