Sport for Development and Peace Youth Advocacy Toolkit

The Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace (CYSDP) Working Group is a network of youth leaders from around the Commonwealth with an interest in and passion for using sport as a tool for development and peace.

The CYSDP mission is:

to be the leading and driving voice for youth in the Commonwealth towards promoting best practices for sport, development and peace in their respective societies

CYSDP has identified three main strategic pathways that will be used to work towards the group’s mission and aims, which are to ‘Advocate, Educate and Demonstrate’ to their peers within the Commonwealth what the benefits are of using sport as a tool for development.

This toolkit has been developed by the CYSDP as a resource for young people who are promoting Sport for Development and Peace in the Commonwealth. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide young people with the skills and tools to become advocates of SDP, and enhance their ability to create awareness and influence decision-making.

By highlighting different approaches, case studies and examples of best practice, this toolkit will help young people identify challenges in their own communities, and use the information and resources provided to develop advocacy strategies that exemplify how SDP can address these challenges.