Sport Enables Disabled Youth

The seminar “Sport Unified: how sport is a tool for inclusion of diversity” took place from the 15th – 20th of September  2016 in Sassari, Italy. Through this seminar ENGSO youth created a platform where young people from all backgrounds and with different abilities came together and engaged in finding practical solutions, exchanged ideas and methods to better offer opportunities and engage European young people at all levels with the specific thematic of social inclusion through sport. This seminar is the starting point to collect exchange, concepts and ideas in order to develop possible solutions and collect them in a toolkit which will be spread among youth organisations, sport clubs and federations and schools. The study session was connected with the European Project funded by Erasmus + programme Sports Enable Disabled Youth, that has the objective to increase physical activity of children with a disability, especially through a better matching of the demand and the supply.

Partners: ENGSO Youth