PEPAYS Conference 2016

3 Themes

  1. Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport as a Fundamental Right for All
  2. Benefits of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport
  3. The Need for Strategic Vision on Policy Priorities Across all Stakeholders



Welcome Message from PEPAYS Ireland Forum 2016

PEPAYS Ireland & the Institute of Technology Tralee (IT Tralee) organised the PEPAYS conference 2016. PEPAYS Ireland 2016 Charter for Change will have a policy and practice focus framed by three articles from UNESCO’s International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity & Sport (2015).

This year’s event is being hosted by IT Tralee’s Department of Health & Leisure and the Institute’s UNESCO Chair, with the support of three IT Tralee strategic research centres; the Irish Academy of Hospitality & Tourism (IAHT), the Intelligent Mechatronics & Radiofrequency Research Centre (IMaR) and the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development (CEED), and the Cara Centre. The UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre from the National University of Ireland, Galway have also helped shape the event. The Organising Committee acknowledges the support of PEPAYS Ireland Research Cluster Leads, & PEPAYS Ireland Co-Directors.

IT Tralee is committed to the promotion of innovation, inclusion and excellence in Physical Education, Physical Activity and Youth Sport. These tenets will be to the fore in this year’s PEPAYS Ireland event.  We welcome the diverse views and practices that can contribute to the cultivation of a strengths-based approach to capacity building and human flourishing, generate new thinking and a research renaissance in the field. In line with the UNESCO Chair motto, mainstreaming diversity in physical education, physical activity and youth sport will be a common thread throughout the day.

PEPAYS Ireland Forum 2016 will give a place to the voice of every stakeholder. Central to the conference will be the voices of children, youth and the family. In addition the views of those at the coal-face of physical education, physical activity & youth sport (PE/PA/YS) will be presented to delegates through varied modes during the day.

The increasing prevalence and opportunities for technology to support action innovation and research will be showcased at this year’s conference. The views of children and youth regarding PE/PA/YS are being compiled in the lead up to PEPAYS Ireland 2016 via our UMOVE Competition – please continue to promote this competition. (Click Here for UMOVE DETAILS).   Before, during and after this year’s forum, we aim to capture perspectives relating to this year’s themes in order to develop a Charter for Change Policy to Practice paper on:

  • The main policy monitoring parameters i.e. legislation, national policy strategies and implementation plans. Information on indicators, self-evaluation and other assessment tools and initiatives
  • Existing, planned, desirable capacity development resources: guidelines/toolkits/training/clearing house(s)
  • Advocacy initiatives and incentives for government participation in future data collection
  • Resources and partner mobilisation
  • Mapping existing indicators and data collection initiatives in the field of PEPAYS and inclusion
  • Good practice (notably by public authorities) to be documented, shared and promoted, especially if it relates to policy monitoring and impact evaluation.

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