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Physical education, physical activity and sport (PEPAS): What’s Disability got to do with it?

The inclusion of persons with disabilities in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has become an uncontested priority with the principle of ‘leaving no one behind’ – that’s no one, from anything! This in sharp contrast with the past, when people with disabilities were largely excluded from many aspects of the global development agenda. To […]

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Can physical educators benefit from the Washington Group Question’s more functional definitions?

Research from around the world shows most physical education teachers do not feel prepared or confident in their ability to include children with disabilities into their general physical education classes. However, one has to question the definition of disability presented to physical educators in this type of research. For example, colleagues of mine from Israel […]

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Asking the right questions to the right people

Like many of my colleagues in the field of sport, physical activity and disability I’ve fought a long and sometimes fruitless battle against practices based on medical model assumptions. I’ve examined ways of teaching social model perspectives. I’ve spent thousands of hours in workshops and at seminars exploring models of good practice – ones based […]

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What information do you really need to know from your participant?

My first duty as a rookie PE teacher in disability sport federation was to organise a swimming camp for disabled kids. It was 1990. There was the general delusion that knowing diagnose, medical status, therapy goals and contraindications to physical activity provides the APA-professional with all the necessary information. In practise, the medical intake forms […]

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Where do we begin? Reflecting on why the Washington Group Questions matter

Over the years I have struggled with finding a way to measure and/or capture disability in my research and programming practices. Here’s what I mean. In conversation with other researchers or community practitioners I find myself saying things like: ‘disability labels shouldn’t matter. We need to focus on structuring the environment so that it is […]

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Welcome to What about Dis’?

Welcome to our new blog! We are so glad you are here! All over the world, people with disabilities are not afforded their fundamental right to be included in sports, physical activity and physical education. We believe that the environment plays a critical role in disabling individuals and limiting participation. We also need to know […]

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COMING SOON! New blog series…

Stay tuned for the launch of our new blog series: What about ‘Dis’? ‘The Washington Group Questions – and why they are so important for meaningful social inclusion in and through physical activity, physical education and sport’

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